Teacher of the Year 2017


Teacher of the year 2017 is Christoffer Ericsson!

“For this question, an automatic response immediately came up. A person who really went all in for us and who definitely needs to be noted for their awesome effort and that is of course this person. They have served as responsible teacher for the course we have had this autumn. The whole class agrees that if someone is to be nominated, it’s this person. Here are just a few of the comments the class gave about why the person should be nominated;
– Happy and positive. Encouraging. Easy to get in touch with. Responds quickly to questions you have. Energetic.
– Interested in their subject and want to learn.
– Careful. Helps one directly if you have questions or problems.
– kind, calm, thoughtful, reliable
– Always available, always at our disposal when needed and genuinely want us to succeed!
There are not enough words to describe how good the person has been for us, its obvious that there is a lot of work and time behind all the planning and we are happy and lucky enough to have them as our responsible teacher.”

“Outstanding pedagogical abilities and very good interaction with students. High understanding of the student life and exceeding what is expected of lecturers. A passion for the subject that spreads through the class during classes. The person’s commitment lives up and activates all participants to new levels.”



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