Here you will find all contact information for Arcada Student Union – ASK.

You can always reach the entire board and staff at Personal e-mail addresses and telephone numbers can be found below.

Cor-house address
Toukolankatu 11
00560 Helsinki

You can find ASK’s office on the second floor of the Cor-house.

ASK office open hours
Tuesday-Thursday 10:00-12:00 & 13:00-16:00

Exceptions to the open hours
Please note that due to the public transportation strike ASK’s office will be closed on Wednesday 14.2.2024 and Thursday 15.2.2024.

We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause!

Here you’ll find the contact information for the Board of 2023, you can reach the whole Board on

The students’ interests team (university politics, social politics and international affairs) can be reached on and the service team (tutoring, events and communication) on

Abbe Karlsson
Chairperson of the Board
050 469 7406
🇸🇪 🇬🇧 🇫🇮

Nicole Bruun
Vice chairperson of the Board – Service team
045 327 4231
🇸🇪 🇬🇧 🇫🇮

Mahika Raj
Vice chairperson of the Board – Students’ interests team
045 327 4229

Jessica Lindfors
Service team
045 327 4225
🇸🇪 🇬🇧 🇫🇮

Pamela Okelu
Students’ interests team
045 663 3423

Jenny Sunia
Service team
045 327 4228
🇸🇪 🇬🇧 🇫🇮

Prabina Tiwari
Service team
045 327 4224
🇬🇧 🇩🇪 🇳🇵

Anni Wahlström
Service team
045 327 4226
🇸🇪 🇬🇧 🇫🇮

Laura Ylinen
Students’ interests team
045 327 4230
🇸🇪 🇬🇧 🇫🇮

ASK has two members of staff who help the Board with their work and manage the Student Union’s daily operations. You can reach the whole staff on staff(a)

Andreas Lohse
050 469 7407

Works with administration, business management, advocacy, rental of the Cor-house and works as a teacher for the course unit Active and Critical Citizenship

Maria Schmidt
Communications- and Membership-secretary
045 327 4220

Works with communication, membership matters, tutoring and events.

Every year, ASK appoints two harassment contact persons who advise and assist students and the associations within Arcada in harassment situations. You can reach both harassment contact persons on

Nicole Bruun

Abbe Karlsson

We have moved on to only accept electronic invoices. Therefore we ask you to send your invoices as e-invoices:

EDI-identifier: 003720007082
Operator: BasWare, operator ID: BAWCFI22

The invoices delivered in paper format will be scanned in order to be handled electronically and sent to the billing address:

Arcada studerandekår – ASK

Invoices can also be delivered by email to: