Apply for tutor 2022-2023

20 December, 2021

Are you an active and social person that wants to meet loads of new, nice people, or du you want to work on your social skills, learn a lot about teamwork, experience great team spirit and make friends for life? Is your answer yes? Then you want to become a tutor!

Tutors are a group of students selected to ease the introduction of the academic year especially for first year students. Tutors help out with finding the way in Arcada, plan events and happenings, as well as helping out with student life in general.

Arcada Student Union – ASK educates the tutors during the spring so that they can work as tutors during the whole academic year 2022-2023. Doesn’t matter if you are a first year or been at Arcada for a while already, anyone can apply.

You can fill out the tutor application here no later than 12.1.2022. There you can also read more about the different areas of responsibility.