Arcada student tandem

1 April, 2021

One of Arcada Student Union – ASK’s missions is to make students at Arcada feel welcome and included in our University and especially during those times when gatherings and in person meetings are challenging, ASK decided to launch a language tandem for all Arcada students.

This language tandem is meant for students at Arcada who feel that an extra support to the language classes offered by Arcada could be beneficial, be it to get help with homework, practice speaking and understanding, or prepare for the exams. The pace and content are defined by the learner and the tandem partner is there to support and guide you in this path.

We will support the tandem program between the 13th of April until the 15th of May, but participants are welcome to also decide for themselves if they want to prolong it further.

You can read more about the tandem on here or sign up through
The tandem is free of charge!