ASK Board & Delegate presidium 2017

Arcada Student Union – ASK Delegate 2017 held a Constitutive meeting on 29.11.2016.

Hanna Lindholm (HoSK) was elected Chairperson of the Delegate 2017.
First vice chairperson is Daniel Rönnqvist (HoSK)
and second vice chairperson is Ida Blomstedt (HoSK).
The whole of ASK Delegate 2017 can be found here.

Annika Eskman was elected Chairperson of the Board 2017.
Other Board members 2017 are
Veronika Bendzelova
Frida Enlund
Rosa Hawela
Roni Huttunen
Janina Höglund
Atte Kola

Tony Pihl
Denis Tuominen

The board will hold its Constitutive meeting and divide responsibilities within the Board in December 2016.

More information
Annika Eskman, Chairperson of the Board 2017, eskmanan(a)
Hanna Lindholm, Chairperson of the Delegate 2017, lindhhan(a)
Jenna Kortelainen, Chairperson of the Board 2016, jenna(a), 050 469 7406