ASK Board & Delegate presidium 2019

Arcada Student Union – ASK Delegate 2019 held a Constitutive meeting on 3.12.2018.

Tove Salminen (HoSK) was elected Chairperson of the Delegate 2019.
First vice chairperson is Patrick Koski (HoSK) and second vice chairperson is Oscar Mansén (TLK).
The whole of ASK Delegate 2019 can be found here.

Darya Pysarenko was elected Chairperson of the Board 2019.
Other members of the Board 2019 are
Joriz Baluyot
Alexandra Bjondahl
Ida Flemmich
Rosemarie Hartman
Kim Helsing
Nea Salvén
Sampo Sorvisto

The board will hold its Constitutive meeting and divide responsibilities within the Board in December 2018.

More information
Tove Salminen, Chairperson of the Delegate 2019, salminto(a)
Darya Pysarenko, Chairperson of the Board 2019, pysarend(a)
Daniel Tallberg, Chairperson of the Board 2018, daniel(a), 050 469 7406