ASK Board & Delegate presidium 2022

1 March, 2022

Arcada Student Union – ASK Delegate 2022 held a Constitutive meeting on 1.12.2022.

Kim Lindström (HoSK r.f.) was elected Chairperson of the Delegate 2022.
First vice chairperson is Patrick Koski (Commedia rf) and second vice chairperson is Sandra Mäki-Rautila (Commedia rf).

During the Delegates extraordinary meeting 28.2.2022 Ida Flemmich was elected Chairperson of the Board 2022.
Other members of the Board 2022 are
Nicole Bruun
Abbe Karlsson
Mahika Raj
Maksim Sumin
Anni Wahlström

More information:
Ida Flemmich, Chairperson of the Board,, 045 327 4231