ASK info 2015/03



ASK organizes an International Sitz at the Cor-house on 18.3 at 6 PM. Get your ticket from ASK’s office 11-13.3 & 16-17.3.2015 10am-12pm & 1pm-4pm.

Game Night  at the Cor-house 19.3 from 4 PM. Practise your singing with SingStar, jump around or try bowling with Xbox Kinect or play some traditional boardgames! The Sauna will also be warm. Welcome!

Arcada Summer School – Get inspired and earn credits!

Are you looking for ways to gather more study credits this summer? If so, we’ve got great news: Arcada Summer School gives you the opportunity to study throughout the whole year! This summer you can expand your knowledge with everything from storytelling to leadership. Apart from the traditional in-class teaching, we will also offer online-courses, which give you the opportunity to study when it suits you the best – even outside in a hammock. The Summer School will kick-off late April. Arcada Summer School offers a wide range of courses that are held in both Swedish and English.

Check the course descriptions at start for more information and tailor your summer studies to your own advantage!

Do you want to organize ASK’s Annual Ball? As a member of the Annual Ball Committee you get a first had experience of organizing an academic dinner for about 100 people. If you are interested you can read more about it here.

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