Become a member

By becoming a member of ASK, you can be involved and influence the future for both yourself and the other students at Arcada. At the moment, ASK has around 1000 members and we wish all new and old members a warm welcome!

The prices of membership are as follows

Fall semester (1.8-31.1)30,00 €
Spring semester (1.1-30.9)30,00 €
Academic year (1.8-30.9)52,00 €

1. You can buy ASK’s membership from our webstore

2. Select membership period. Membership can be bought for one semester or one academic year. Membership for one semester is valid till the end of autumn or spring semester. Membership for one academic year is valid through the whole academic year.

3. Log in to the web store with If you haven’t made an account yet, you can create one by clicking “Create an account”. The information about your membership is saved onto your account so that you get membership discounts online too!

4. After that you will encounter the Haka authentication. Click on “Login” and choose “Arcada” from the drop-down list. Then you login with your Arcada login to verify that you are a student at Arcada.

5. Fill out the application form with your correct information, if you are renewing the membership make sure to check that the information is correct.

6. After filling out the application form you can go and pay the membership that you have selected, you can pay with the most common banking cards and MobilePay.

The student card serves as proof that you are currently a student and a member of the student union. The student card gives you access to hundreds of discounts nationally in both online and regular shops, restaurants and public transport. The benefits depend on the type of card you have (blue or green). For example, reduced prices for travel with VR or Kela’s meal support only apply to the blue student card. Please note that it takes about an hour before you can use a student card after paying the membership fee.

ASK offers two different digital student cards that are free to use as a member; Pivo and Slice. As a result of ASK’s collaboration with other student unions, you as an ASK member also have the opportunity for membership discounts at all other student unions. These discounts and benefits are available via or by presenting your student card.

Digital student card

You are free to choose which digital student card you want to use! Both cards are free and have the same student benefits. Unfortunately, Pivo does not offer a green student card for open path students.


  1. Order your Slice login information at Use the same information you provided when you paid the membership fee! Note that the image you select cannot be changed afterwards.
  2. Slice sends your login details to your email.
  3. Download Slice from your app store.
  4. Log in with your login details.

Click here to use Slice.


  1. Download Pivo from your app store.
  2. Use the app with your bank codes.
  3. Open Pivo, select “student card” and select “ASK”.
  4. Create your student card by following the instructions in the app.

Click here to use Pivo.

Please note that if you have a physical Student card from before you can still pick up your sticker from ASK’s office like before.

Card types and validity

The blue card is for students studying for a UAS Bachelor’s degree or for a UAS Master’s degree. The student must fulfil all eligibility criteria to be entitled to the card. The green card is for all other students who are members of the student union at the university of applied sciences. The sticker on the student card indicates its validity. The sticker is an indicator that the student has paid the student union membership fee. The sticker is not a product sold separately. In addition to paying the membership fee, the student must also meet all relevant criteria.

Eligibility criteria for the student cards:

Criteria for the blue card
You are eligible for a blue student card, if you meet all of the following criteria:
1) You are enrolled at a UAS and studying for a UAS first or second cycle degree.
2) You are enrolled as present for the academic year/term.
3) You become a member of your UAS student union.

Criteria for the green card
You are eligible for a green student card, if you meet all of the following criteria:
1) You study at a UAS, but do not fulfil the criteria for a blue student card.
2) You are enrolled as present for the academic year/term.
3) You become a member of your UAS student union.

Issuing student cards and continued validity

The Student Union may grant student cards and stickers only to persons who are eligible for it, that is, to individuals who are members of the Student Union in question. Furthermore, the member must meet all eligibility criteria in order to have the right to a student card. The student may have a year or term sticker for those terms for which they have paid the student union membership fee and meet all criteria. The student is accountable for providing correct information. Misuse of the card is a punishable offence.

Validity of the stickers for the student card

The student card are valid for a defined period. The student card for the autumn term is valid until the end of the following January, the card for the whole academic year is valid until the end of September the latter year. The student card for the spring term is valid until the end of September.

Autumn term 2022 is valid until 31.1.2023.
Academic year 2022-2023 and spring term 2023 are valid until 30.9.2023.

Not collecting membership sticker is not considered as transferring a membership period. Membership will automatically be valid through the selected and paid time. If you have bought a membership, you can suspend it by notifying your student unions customer service in the beginning of Autumn or Spring semester or before the end of September or January. Membership can’t be suspended if a valid membership sticker has already been attached to one’s student card. More info about transferring a membership period can be asked from the student union’s customer service.

If you want to resign from your student union for example because of changing a school, dropping out from a school or for some other reason, please fill Resigning the student union’s membership -form and return it with your student card to your student union’s office. You can get the form from your student union’s office or by emailing customer service. The ASK Board makes all decisions about reimbursement. A handling fee of 5€ will be charged from the amount applied for.


Please contact the communications- and Membership-secretary Maria if you have any questions about the membership or student cards on