Billiards tournament – sign up

A friendly billiards tournament at the Cor-house!

Sign-ups until 22.2.2015.
The first round will start on 23.2.2015
Semifinals & finals will be played on the 19.3.2015 starting from 17:00.


You can sign-up in the form above

ASK will only hand out contact information of players to their opponents,
and only the contact information given out by the players for this tournament.

Players will be able to book the billiards table in advance, if there is a need.
This should be done in advance, and only for games in the tournament.
Bookings are done through the address at least an hour before game time.

First 32 to sign up are guaranteed a place in the tournament!


The game

The games are played according to the World Pool-Billiard Associations’ rules for Eight Ball. (

The opponents for the first round will be randomly paired.

The opponents are given a deadline by when to play the first round.

As games are played those who win will move on to the next round and those who lose will fall out of the competition.

As the first round is played, the new opponents will be able to contact each other and play the next round.
Contact information to opponents will be available at ASK’s office.

The last four players standing will move on to the semifinals.

Each round will be given a deadline, games in that round can be played at any time during opening hours at the Cor-house (Monday-Friday 10am-4pm).
If opponents are unable to play the round before set deadline, the winner will be drawn out of a hat.
If a player cannot be reached or ignores their opponent when setting a date, they automatically forfeit.
If you cannot reach your opponent please contact ASKs office.

After each game players fill out the results on the game sheet by the billiards table, and inform the staff at ASK’s office about the winner,
so that the correct contact information can be exchanged.


Semifinals and finals 

The Semifinals and finals will be played at the Cor-house on Magical Thursday during Game Night on 19.3.2015 starting at 17:00.
This will be an open event so if you fell out of the competition you can still come and cheer your favorite for the championship!