Candidates for the Delegate election

The Election Committee accepted during its meeting yesterday to accept 18 candidates in the Delegate elections.

The candidates represent four electoral alliances:

Commedia rf.
HoSK rf.
Liberala Studerande LSK
(TLK) Tekniska Läroverkets Kamratförbund r.f.

There are also three independent candidates.

The Electoral Committee also set the candidate numbers as follows:

11. Westergård Sebastian, HoSK
12. Bergman Samantha, HoSK
13. Häggman Johanna, HoSK
14. Granlund Oliver, TLK
15. Selin Henri, TLK
16. Nix Paul, TLK
17. Lytz Oscar, TLK
18. Gripenwaldt Antonia, TLK
19. Pundars Sebastian, TLK
20. Huhtela Ella, TLK
21. Huhtela Stina, TLK
22. Vierinen Jenna, LSK
23.Räisänen Jani, LSK
24. Julin Ida, Commedia
25. Poppius Nino, Commedia
26.  Nurminen Teea, independent
27. Kirilova Stefani, independent
28. Spennert Winston, independent


All ASK members who have paid their membership fee no later than October 31, 2014 have a right to vote in the elections. All members with the right to vote have been sent an electronic voting card to their Arcada e-mail. If you have not recieved your voting card, please contact Secretary-Generals Jenny Tabermann before November 10, 20014 at 3:00 pm to make sure your name is on the list of voters, jenny(a) or 050 469 7407. The list of voters can be checked at ASK’s office during opening hours.