Arcada Student Union – ASK presents Sebastian Tolvanen for the SAMOK Board of 2021

Arcada Student Union – ASK is proud and happy to present the driven and committed Sebastian Tolvanen to the Board of the Finnish Student Union Association – SAMOK for 2021!

The Board of SAMOK is chosen by all Finnish Student Unions of UAS at their General Assembly 29-30.10.2020.

Good luck Sebastian!

Apply for ASK’s Board of 2021

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Fill out the form before 8.11.2020 and you will be contacted by the Board negotiator Ida to have a discussion!
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The Board is elected during the Delegates Constitutive meeting during the fall of 2020.

It’s time to nominate people for ASK honors!

Initiatives for nominations for honors, Cor-house medals and honorary degrees as well as honorary membership are submitted in writing signed by at least five (5) persons to the honors committee. The honors committee decides if the proposal is approved. A person can not suggest themselves.

This year, people can be nominated for the following honors:

Honors in bronze
Bronze honors can be awarded to student union members or Arcada staff who have actively participated in ASK’s activities and promoted the student union’s purpose.

Honors in silver
Honors can be awarded to members, former members or Arcada’s staff who have actively participated in ASK’s activities and promoted the student union’s purpose.

Honors in gold
Honors in gold can be awarded to a person who has honors in silver and for several years has actively participated in ASK’s operations and promoted ASK’s purpose.

Cor-house medal
The Cor-house medal can be awarded to a member or former member who has actively helped with ASK’s activities inside and outside the Cor-house.

ASK shooting star
ASK shooting star is an honorary award given to a person who is relatively new to ASK’s operations and who has strongly promoted ASK’s purpose or made a positive contribution to ASK during the past year. ASK shooting stars can only be awarded to ASK members. The purpose is to reward the efforts the person has made in capacity by a member of ASK’s committee and other positions of trust

Pro ASK is an honorary award given to a person or body that has strongly promoted and supported ASK’s purpose. This person or body does not have to be a member of ASK.

Pro Cor
Pro Cor is an honorary award given to a person or body that has strongly promoted and supported the activities in the Cor-house. This person or body does not have to be a member of ASK.

Nominations are submitted electronically via email to Communications- and Membership-secretary Maria at maria(a) Nominations must be submitted before 8 November 2020 at 23.59. Please note that the nomination requires five signatures to be approved.

Usually, honors are awarded at the ASK annual ball in November, but this year due to prevailing circumstances, we will notify people in question in person.

ASK office by appointment only

Due to the COVID-19 situation right now, you can only visit ASK office by booking an appointment time. ASK office is only available for appointments on Wednesdays.
Please make an appointment with your full name (first name + last name) through this link:!

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To be able to use the printers in Arcada you need to charge credit to your account.

The customer service at ASK office is also digital and can be reached via WhatsApp on 045 327 4220 where you can send both regular and audio messages during office hours 10:00-16:00. You can also reach us as usual via Facebook, e-mail and phone, personal contact information can be found on

Statement: Polling stations for campuses

Raising turnout is a constant topic of discussion in politics. Placing polling stations on university campuses is a concrete act by which municipalities can support the turnout of young people and students.

The turnout in municipal elections has been around for years, but of all groups of people, the voting behavior of young people is the most worrying. Only a third of young people voted in the last municipal elections. If an increase in turnout is considered desirable, it is worth investing in those groups that are currently under-represented in the ballot box. The voting of young people must therefore be supported.

Facilitating student voting also supports young people’s turnout. The municipalities of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area are home to an exceptional number of students, many of whom are also young. In a representative democracy, it is important that the composition of municipal and city councils reflects the groups of municipal residents. Few students or young people run for office themselves, so voting is the most concrete way for them to influence the decision-making of their community.

One solution to the problem is to organize polling stations on campuses. At its best, thousands of students visit one campus every day. A polling station on a university campus is a logical solution if the goal is to increase voting activity. In particular, acting as a pre-voting venue on campus would motivate many students to vote alongside lectures.

Many international students also study at universities, few of whom know that they have the right to vote in Finnish municipal elections. Polling stations on campuses would raise student awareness of the election, and could also encourage student communities to engage in societal debate.

It is pointless to talk about involving young people and students in decision-making if they are not prepared to take concrete action.

This statement has been signed by:
Arcada Student Union – ASK
The Student Union of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences METKA
The Student Union of Haaga-Helia – Helga
The Student Union of Laurea University of Applied Sciences LaureamkoThe Student Union of Diaconia University of Applied Sciences O’Diako