Common questions

1. How long is the academic year/semester sticker valid?

The fall sticker is valid through 31.1 (Note! HRT accepts the sticker until 31.12)
The academic year sticker is valid through 30.9. (Note! HRT accepts the sticker until 30.9)

2. My digital student card does not work / has stopped working.

If you paid the membership fee and notified the Student Union that you paid it, either by getting the physical sticker or by contacting the member secretary at maria(a) that you’ve paid the membership fee. Please make sure you have updated the app. If it still does not work please contact Slice.

3. I have changed my last name/student number, what should I do?

If you are only using the digital card please contact they memebership secretary on maria(a), if you want the updated information on the plastic card please order a new one through Frank.

4. Student card and graduation?

You can be a member of ASK up until your graduation from Arcada. According to SAMOK’s standing orders for the student card you are not allowed to use your student card after graduation, and you should hand in your student card to ASK at graduation.

5. What is the difference between the blue and the green student card?

The blue student card is for full-time students and the green card is for the ones that study trhough the open path at Arcada.
With the blue student card you have access to all student benefits; where as several of the benefits are limited so that they don’t apply with the green card. The major difference is that the blue card gives you access to cheaper traveling on long distance trains and busses when the green doesn’t.

Contact information

Andreas Lohse
050 469 7407

Communications- and membershipsecretary
Maria Schmidt
045 327 4220