Mailing adress

Arcada studerandekår – ASK
Majstadsgatan 11
00560 Helsingfors

Phone:  050 469 7406
E-mail: styrelsen(a)

ASK office opening hours
Due to the COVID-19 situation right now, you can only visit ASK office by booking an appointment time. ASK office is only available for appointments on Wednesdays.
Please make an appointment with your full name (first name + last name) through this link!

The customer service at ASK office is now also digital and can be reached via WhatsApp on 045 327 4220 where you can send both regular and audio messages during office hours 10:00-16:00. You can also reach us as usual via Facebook, e-mail and phone, personal contact information can be found on

Please note that ASK is on a Christmas break from 18.12.2020 and will be back on 4.1.2021 to respond to any messages! The appointment booking for January will be up later but the will continue on Wednesdays with the first available date being 13.1.2021. ASK membership for spring 2021 will be available on on 4.1.2021! 

To contact ASK’s staff please use staff(a)