Delegate Election

The Election Committee noted at their meeting on 13.10.2020 that the same number of nominations had been received as there are seats in the Delegate and therefore it was stated that these have been elected and that no election is arranged. In this case, the order was drawn by the members according to the same order as on the candidate list.

Below you will find those who are in the ASK Delegate in 2021. At their Constitutive meeting in November, the council elects a chairperson and the first and second vice chairperson.

The Delegate 2021
PictureDelegateNameElection Alliance
1Darya KarilahtiHoSK r.f.
2Tobias LiljeströmHoSK r.f.
3Alexandra LangHoSK r.f.
4Anna HasselblattHoSK r.f.
5Atte KolaCommedia rf.
6Isa AntasCommedia rf.
7Fredrik GrønstrandTekniska Läroverkets Kamratförbund r.f.
8Emil NystedtTekniska Läroverkets Kamratförbund r.f.
9Joriz BaluyotHanSe SF rf
10Kim TsokkinenHanSe SF rf
11Elin ForsströmHanSe SF rf
12Emilia BromanHanSe SF rf
13Nico VillanenUnattached
14Ellen KarlssonUnattached
15Veronica SvenskbergUnattached