Upcoming events

ProjectLIV on tour goes Helsinki

In a collaboration between ProjectLIV, student unions, associations and nations.

During this event, we run/walk for LIFE in our overalls together with tiktoker John Hellsten. We pledge for LIFE, where the pledge money obviously goes to long-term sick children and then we get to hear Todde’s story about why it is important to be a LIFESaver and join the stem cell registry.

During the round you can also take part in various stations held by student unions, associations and nations. A little like the fresher initiation.

The event is free, but you can also choose to support and buy a ticket for 3 €
After the event, we will tally up how much was collected


Cor evenings
Spring 2024

You may not feel like going to sitz every day, but you probably feel like hanging out with your friends almost every day!

This is the start of something new, something exclusive, something that truly is for EVERYONE!


It can include sauna, karaoke, games, movies, baking, crafting, pre-partying, well, anything! This is a collaboration between ALL associations, and AT LEAST one representative from each association will always be present 💜❤️💛💚🩵💙

Come and hang out with your friends or come and make new ones, everyone is welcome at Cor Kväll!

What? Cor kväll/Cor nights

When? Doors open at 5pm, check dates below

Who? Everybody and their friends!

Incoming Cor kvällar:
– Monday 8.4
– Saturday 11.5

At Cor we follow the safer space guidelines. By safer space we mean that everyone is welcome to be themselves at our event. We do not discriminate, harrass, assume nor generalise anyone. We do not touch anyone unless given the permission to. We respect and treat everyone equally.