The student life also includes more than just studies. It also includes various traditions and student events. ASK and our student associations organize many kinds of events and programs during the year and all students are welcome. Other student associations, nations and external actors, e.g. museums, organize events for students.

Here you can find any upcoming events the student union is part of. 

Below you will find info about various major student events that are arranged during the year.

A sitz is a dinner for students and consists of three courses, but never come to a sitz really hungry! An important part of a sitz is singing. The guests are handed a song sheet with the songs that will be sung during the sitz. After a song has been sung, diners raise their glasses to a cheer. During the sitz the toastmasters are the ones in charge. It is important to listen to them. It is also important to consider not showing up to a sitz drunk, as one might easily find oneself sleeping with one’s face in the main course. It is also important to remember that no-one is forced to drink alcohol and all participants are offered an alcohol free option.

During the fall ASK usually organizes many Gulis stizes together with the tutors. Atleast one of the sitzes will be held completely in English. During the Gulis sitzes the participants will get a crash course in sitz etiquette and culture

The Gulis, in short, is an event that is only for first year students. The point of the event is to familiarize freshies with each other from all the different programs. During the event the freshies will be divided into smaller groups and they will spend the afternoon running around executing various tasks. The Gulis is absolutely something you want to be a part of!

The Annual Ball is the fanciest event among all the student events. The Annual Ball begins with the traditional Solenn akt introduced by the hostess and continues with greetings from the invited guests. After the Solenn akt there is a bit of free time for mingling before the actual dinner. During the evening guests are served a three course dinner, memorable speeches and snaps songs. During the Annual Ball you are dressed in tails, dark suits or evening gowns. Cocktail dresses are not allowed, neither are suits in bright colors. As a part of the outfit participants will carry possible honors such as colours or medals. When the last drink has been finished it is time for the nachspiel (afterparty) that usually continues into the small hours or the silliz.

The Silliz (sill [herring] breakfast) is organized the day after the Annual Ball and consists of all you need after a long night. Bacon, bread, herring, eggs, bacon… Snaps and silliz songs will wake anyone up! As for the dress code, it is overalls and a funny silliz hat that will do the trick

Glöggrundan is one of Swedish Finland’s largest events with about 5,000 cheerful students participating in a pub crawl in the center of Turku. Glöggrundan is usually arranged at the end of November or the beginning of December.

Laskiaisrieha is one of Finland’s largest outdoor sports events for students. It is held annually to honor Shrove Tuesday in Helsinki’s Kaivopuisto. Thousands of students from all over Finland will take part in the sledding and enjoy the happy carnival atmosphere. The day’s highlight is the legendary ABB’s sledding competition where the teams compete in the most innovative sledges they have built together. In previous years, the teams have gone down with, among other things, a sauna, UFO, dinner table and bathtub!

In April, it’s time for the National Day of Pampas, which is one of the largest student events in all of Swedish Finland. The day begins with an Olympics between different teams on Vaasa square. The festivities last all night until dawn when the silliz is served.

Ylonz is a frivolous orienteering competition that has been organized since the 1950s in collaboration with Swedish-speaking student associations in the capital region. The competition is based on a 3-person team orienting themselves with tips obtained from the starting point to 6 different bars in the capital region.

Vappu is one of the biggest student events during the spring and is usually celebrated for several days. On Walpurgis Night, students gather around Havis Amanda at Salutorget to put on her student hat, a tradition that has been going on since the beginning of the 20th century. After Havis Amanda got her hat, the rest of the audience can also put on their own.

During the first of May, many people gather in Kaisaniemi Park to listen to when The Academic Male Voice Choir of Helsinki sings in the spring. Traditionally, ASK arranges a brunch on the first of May at the Cor-house at 12:00.