Arcada student union – ASK

What is ASK?

The student union is a body governed by public law that exists in every university, but we rely on our members in order to continue our operations. All students at Arcada have the opportunity to become members in ASK and support through their membership the student union’s advocacy work. Our core tasks include:

  • Represent all Arcada students and work for their best interest on a local level by monitoring and participating in advocacy work as well as organising democratic elections and appointing student representatives.
  • Supporting and influencing decision makers on issues affecting students at universities of applied sciences on a national and international scale through participation in organisations with nationwide activities.
  • Promotion of social, psychological and physical health among students at Arcada through influence and collaboration with organisations in the field and organising of events.
  • Guidance of students on campus through recruitment, education and structuring of tutoring at Arcada.