Frank is a student owned company aimed at collecting all student discounts in Finland in the same place. Frank offers the best for the best price; The best discounts, the best moments and the best surprises, so that you can focus on whats important.

To be able to gain from discounts we provide you need to register as a Frank user at After you’ve registered you get access to more information about how to gain the discounts. Some discounts can be gained by flashing your student card at the location

The student card is your way of proving that you are a student. It is your pass to the national student discounts, as well as all the discounts that Frank has negotiated and you can find them on the website.

Please note, if you are an older student you can use your present, valid student card, and do not need to order a new one. You still have access to student discounts on VR, Matkahuolto and Frank’s national and local benefits. You only need to renew your membership with ASK and pick up the new validation sticker from ASK’s office.

To order a student card you have to be a member of ASK.