Give us your best photos and stories!

What was founded as an association with three members in year 1997 celebrates it’s 20-years anniversary as student union with over 1100 members. On its journey a lot of things have happened and a lot of people have been included. Without each and everyone’s input in boards, councils, committees and participation in parties and happening ASK wouldn’t be the active and healty student union we are today.

Now we are gathering stories, memories, pictures and films from the first 20 years. They are going to be displayed in a very modern and fun history that will be published during the anniversary year. So what is a student union without its members? Please send us the most crazy, funniest and best memories you got from ASK, your studies and/or you active time in the student union. Let us know what you think we absolutely have to write about, persons we need to meet and interview or pictures that need to be published. What can we not miss to document?

Best ways to contact me is by phone 05060400 or e-mail You can share pictures through Google Photos to, in dropbox or why not send me an old floppy disc to Arcada studerandekår – ASK, Majstadsgatan 11, 00560 Helsingfors

I really hope to hear from you,

Jeanette Harf