Harassment contact persons

ASK’s harassment contact persons are appointed annually within the board and consist of two board members who advise and support students who have experienced harassment, sexual harassment, bullying, discrimination or other unequal treatment. The contact with the harassment contact persons is completely confidential and they have a duty of confidentiality. The harassment contact persons still do not act as judges and hand out sentences. Nor do they try to solve the situation instead of someone, but strive for a constructive handling of the situation and support those involved in the process.

You can always contact the harassment contact persons if you have experienced or witnessed inappropriate behavior and need support to process the matter. The willingness to discuss what is experienced is already a sufficient reason to get in touch!

If you have been the victim of harassment at Arcada, you can also use Arcada’s security report. It allows you to report observations, incidents, accidents, threats or inappropriate behaviour that affect safety and the environment at Arcada

All cases are different and the harassment contact persons strive to find a suitable solution for the person who took contact. The case progresses on the person who took contact terms. The case stays between the person who took contact and the harassment contact person if they so wish.

The harassment contact persons can also refer to other services if necessary.

In 2023, Nicole Bruun and Abbe Karlsson will act as the union’s harassment contact persons. You can reach both of the harassment contact persons on hello@asken.fi.


Harassment contact persons

Nicole Bruun

Abbe Karlsson