Honors 2016

It’s time to nominate people for honors!

Honors are given out in gold, silver and Cor-house medal. Honors can only be handed to persons who have actively contributed to the work of ASK and advanced ASK’s objectives. Only members, graduated members, former members and members of staff in Arcada and ASK can receive these honors. External actors can be handed Pro ASK- och Pro Cor-diplomas.

To nominate someone the nomination has to be signed by five people. Nominations have to be handed in to ASK’s office, the marked mailbox outside ASK’s office (not possible 1-3.11) or via e-mail to the secretary of the honors committé Maria Schmidt on maria(a)asken.fi. Nominations have to be handed in no later than November 6, 2016 at 23.59.

Honors are announced and handed out during ASK XIX Annual Ball on November 11, 2016.