Arcada Student Union – ASK is the voice of Arcada students in the higher education world. By becoming a member of ASK, you can be involved and influence the future for both yourself and the other students in Arcada. We wish all new and old members a warm welcome to the student union. In addition to the opportunity to participate in the student union’s activities, you can also use a student card that entitles you to benefits both on campus and nationally.

As a member of ASK, you get products and events from us and Helga, HUMAKO, Laureamko, METKA, O’Diako and TUO at a membership price. So at best up to half the price! You get the benefits both online and at customer service points.

As a member of ASK, you can be involved in influencing decisions that apply to students. Members can vote and set oneself as a candidate in Delegate elections as well as apply for the Board. Members have the possibility to be a tutor and work as student representatives in Arcada’s organs.


Please contact the communications- and Membership-secretary Maria if you have any questions about the membership on