METKA, Laureamko, HUMAKO and ASK announce a merge

Student Unions METKA, Laureamko, HUMAKO and ASK have decided to merge their administration and services and thus form a new, large Student Union to the Metropolitan area. The aim of the merge is to provide better and more equal services for students in all the four Universities of Applied Sciences. The merge will officially take place in August, so next fall students can join the United Student Unions – U STUD! when they accept the study place or register for the upcoming academic year.

“We have so much cooperation between the Student Unions already, so we feel that this is the natural next step” says the chairperson of METKA Jemi Heinilä. “We truly believe that this reform will give us better tools to reach all the UAS students in the region” rejoices the chairperson of HUMAKO Salla Paavilainen.

“This merge does not mean that we would be making cuts, so this will not cause any lay-offs. We’re doing this to sharpen our advocacy and improve our services, not to save money” emphasizes the Secretary-General of Laureamko Susanna Kauppinen. “Of course this will affect our employees, e.g. the Secretary-Generals or Executive Managers will become Profit Center Directors. The Secretary-General of U STUD! will be elected by member vote of the Student Union. The current boards will form an acting student council until the actual council is elected.” she clarifies.

“Such a brave and wonderful reform, and how much we’ll benefit from all this synergy!” commends the Secretary-General of METKA Sara Miettunen. “And what a clever reading of legislation: the § 41 of the Act of the Universities of Applied Sciences states, that all UAS must have a Student Union, but it does not forbid one Union acting in several UAS’! compliments the Secretary-General of ASK Jenny Tabermann.


Further information:

Jemi Heinilä
Chairperson of the board
050 355 5300
Student Union of the Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences METKA

Ida Julin
Chairperson of the board
050 469 7406
Arcada Student Union – ASK

Anni Suvisuo
President of the board
044 287 7151
Student Union of Laurea University of Applied Sciences

Salla Paavilainen
Chairperson of the board
045 1225030
Student Union of Humak University of Applied Sciences HUMAKO