Teacher of the year 2020

Do you know a teacher you would like to thank for a job well done? A teacher who always goes the extra mile to see and hear their students? Maybe a teacher who has done something extra to facilitate distance studying or who you especially want to thank even though it is not possible to meet in person!

Arcada Student Union – ASK chooses the Teacher of the Year annually, and every student in Arcada can nominate their favourite! Nominations can be done by separate students or student groups.

Nominations can be handed in until 6.12.2020. Nominations with no motivations will not be regarded! You can submit your nomination here!

Student Health Care services 2021

From 2021, FSHS will provide student health care also for students in Universities of Applied Sciences. Students will see these changes in the form of new service channels and a wider range of remote and digital services.

Services will include, for example

  • primary health care
  • oral and dental health care
  • mental health services (see Q&A page for more details)
  • treatment requiring the expertise of a specialist or specialist dentist
  • physiotherapy

Below you can check more precisely what services will be included!
As of spring 2021, students pay a health care fee entitling FSHS to Kela every semester. It costs nothing to book time for FSHS services, but if you do not use your booked time, a cancellation fee will be charged. Any questions? Read answers to commonly asked questions on the expansion here! You can also leave your own question.

Study environment and study community activities

  • Regular collaboration with interest groups, particularly with educational institutions and student associations
  • Expert services
  • Health-promoting communications
  • Study environment inspections every 3 years and yearly monitoring

Healthcare services
Individual monitoring and promotion of health and welfare and ability to study

  • Individual and group-based health guidance
  • Periodic health check-ups:
    1) public health nurse and general practitioner
    2) oral health examination and treatment plan
  • Preventive oral health measures
  • Prevention of infectious diseases: health check-ups, vaccinations (national vaccination programme)
  • Family planning
  • Study-related health examinations, certificates and statements required by the Infectious Diseases Act and other legislation
  • Travel health advice, including student exchange (students purchase the required vaccines themselves, although they can be given as part of student healthcare)
  • Basic psychological examinations

Medical care services

  • Primary medical care and oral health services
  • Assessing the need for treatment
  • Non-urgent treatment, including treatment to be given within 1 to 7 days
  • Treatment requiring a medical or dental specialist if the patient does not qualify for specialized care
  • Laboratory and imaging services in primary care related to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases
  • Physiotherapy
  • Nutritional therapy
  • Speech therapy specific to field of study (initial investigation of voice disorders for those studying for a profession requiring verbal communication)

Read more about FSHS 2021 here!

Arcada Student Union – ASK presents Sebastian Tolvanen for the SAMOK Board of 2021

Arcada Student Union – ASK is proud and happy to present the driven and committed Sebastian Tolvanen to the Board of the Finnish Student Union Association – SAMOK for 2021!

The Board of SAMOK is chosen by all Finnish Student Unions of UAS at their General Assembly 29-30.10.2020.

Good luck Sebastian!

Apply for ASK’s Board of 2021

Are you interested in being in the Board of ASK 2021?

Fill out the form before 8.11.2020 and you will be contacted by the Board negotiator Ida to have a discussion!
If you have any questions or anything you are wondering about you can contact ida@asken.fi.

Fill out the form here if you are interested: https://bit.ly/ASKboard2021/

The Board is elected during the Delegates Constitutive meeting during the fall of 2020.

It’s time to nominate people for ASK honors!

Initiatives for nominations for honors, Cor-house medals and honorary degrees as well as honorary membership are submitted in writing signed by at least five (5) persons to the honors committee. The honors committee decides if the proposal is approved. A person can not suggest themselves.

This year, people can be nominated for the following honors:

Honors in bronze
Bronze honors can be awarded to student union members or Arcada staff who have actively participated in ASK’s activities and promoted the student union’s purpose.

Honors in silver
Honors can be awarded to members, former members or Arcada’s staff who have actively participated in ASK’s activities and promoted the student union’s purpose.

Honors in gold
Honors in gold can be awarded to a person who has honors in silver and for several years has actively participated in ASK’s operations and promoted ASK’s purpose.

Cor-house medal
The Cor-house medal can be awarded to a member or former member who has actively helped with ASK’s activities inside and outside the Cor-house.

ASK shooting star
ASK shooting star is an honorary award given to a person who is relatively new to ASK’s operations and who has strongly promoted ASK’s purpose or made a positive contribution to ASK during the past year. ASK shooting stars can only be awarded to ASK members. The purpose is to reward the efforts the person has made in capacity by a member of ASK’s committee and other positions of trust

Pro ASK is an honorary award given to a person or body that has strongly promoted and supported ASK’s purpose. This person or body does not have to be a member of ASK.

Pro Cor
Pro Cor is an honorary award given to a person or body that has strongly promoted and supported the activities in the Cor-house. This person or body does not have to be a member of ASK.

Nominations are submitted electronically via email to Communications- and Membership-secretary Maria at maria(a)asken.fi. Nominations must be submitted before 8 November 2020 at 23.59. Please note that the nomination requires five signatures to be approved.

Usually, honors are awarded at the ASK annual ball in November, but this year due to prevailing circumstances, we will notify people in question in person.