ASK info 2014/09



The ASK Group fare is arranged on Wednesday September 24, on the Big Square. ASK wants to present organizations we work with to the students in Arcada.  Commedia, HanSe SF, HoSK, TLK will also start their overalls sales!  Other organisations present will be the Nations, Krisjouren, Regnbågsankan last but not least you can also say hello to  Frank and find student discounts for any need.

After the fare the BBQ will be hot at the Cor-house, just bring your own grillables.

The candidate nominations for the ASK Delegate elections are open untill September 26, 2014 at 3:00 pm. All ASK members have the right to stand for elections and vote. If you are interested and want more information you can visit or contact ASK.

ASK is looking for student representatives for the following bodies in Arcada

Institution for Health and Wellfare: Three student representatives (1.8.2014-31.7.2016)

Institution for Energy- and material technology: Two student representatives (1.8.2014-31.7.2016)

Examination board: One student representative and one deputy (1.8.2014-31.7.2016)

Master’s council: Two student representatives (masterstudents) (1.8.2014-31.7.2016)

Remember to renew your student card! With your student card you have access to HSL’s and VR’s tickets for student prices and the student lunch. On top of that you get a whole bunch of great discounts by registering on Your old student card is valid untill September 30.

You can buy your copies from ASK’s office on the second floor of the Cor-house during opening hours (Monday-Frida 10 am -12 pm and 1-4 pm). If you have any problems with copying or printing you can contact the staff or the Board.

Remember that you can buy lunch tickets in advance and help make the lines for the luch faster.

More information about Amica’s services in Arcada can be found on Amica’s website.

Blog post: Gulis 2014

Don’t miss our newest blog post from the Gulis 2014 on Inside Arcada!


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More pictures from the Gulis can be found on our Flickr account here.

ASK info 2014/08



We wish all freshmen welcome to Arcada, and all older students welcome back. This is ASK Info, an info letter that is published every other week, sometimes more often. If you have information you feel you want to add you can contact us.

ASK has trained a group of students to be tutors, and to be available especially during the first weeks to help you find your way, and to get started with your student life. The best way to recognize tutors is by their t-shirts and overalls in different colors.

ASK is all Arcada students’ voice in Arcada, no matter if they are members or not. To become active within the Student Union and affect it or to get a student card, you need to become a member of ASK. You can also like us on Facebook; Arcada studerandekår – ASK.

Arcada is organizing the Opening of the academic year on September 3 at 3:00pm in the Big auditorium. After the program we have an open house at the Cor-house.

ASK is orgnanizing the Kick Off-party in Kaivohuone on September 3 at 10:00pm. Tickets  are 3€/ ASK member, 5€/other (5€ at the door) and are sold on the Big square 27.8-2.9 kl. 10am-1pm.

ASK is organizing the Gulis on September 10. Tickets will be sold on the Big square 4.-8.9 kl. 10am-1pm. All sign-ups are binding. The ticket for Gulis is 8 € (including the afterparty) and the tickets for only the afterparty are 3€/ ASK member, 5€/other (5€ at the door).

It’s time to renew your student card!With the student card you get access to HSL’s and VR’s student priced tickets as well as student priced lunches. You also get access to many more awesome discounts by registering on

Remember that your Arcada e-mail is your most important tool during your studies! You can also install the e-mail on your phone. For more information on this go to

The fall is a great time of the year, but it’s also the time for phishing e-mails (e-mails that ask you for your usernames and passwords for e-mail accounts). Remember that no legit service provider will ever ask you for your log-in details, and that you should under no circumstances give them out. This will lead to blacklisting of e-mails etc, so it will not only cause problems for you, but everyone you study with!

Arcada’s Help Desk is there to assist both students and staff in questions concerning IT. If you have any problems with passwords or other similar issues please contact them.

Copies can be bought from ASK’s office on the second floor of the Cor-house during opening hours (Monday-Friday 10am-12pm & 1pm-4pm). If you have problems please
contact the staff or the board members.

As a student you have the right to KELA-subsidized meals. To get your meal at the subsidized price you must prove you are a student at every purchase. The staff at the restaurant is obliged to ask you for proof. As proof you can use a valid student card or the KELA meal subsidy card.

You also need to be careful when choosing your meal that you only take foods from one menu, otherwise the staff is obliged to charge you for several meals. Information of the meals can be found at the beginning of the line. There you can also find the menu for the week and nutritional facts of the meals. If you have a need for special diets or questions about the food, please contact the restaurant staff.

Remember that you can buy lunch tickets in advance and make the lunch line in Arcada faster during rush hour. More information about Amica’s services in Arcada can be found on Amica’s website

Public note on Delegate elections for Arcada Student Union – ASK 2014

The Delegate elections of Arcada Student Union – ASK will be arranged through general elections November 4-6, 2014 at 10:30am-2:30pm in Arcada, Jan-Magnus Janssons plats 1, 00560 Helsingfors. The preliminary elections will be organized electronically on October 20-26, 2014.

The Delegate of ASK is the highest decision making authority in the Student Union. The Delegate consists of fifteen (15) members and a maximum of as many deputies. In case there are exactly fifteen (15) candidates for the Delegate these will automatically make the Delegate and no elections will be held.

The nominations for the Delegate elections begin on August 1, 2014 and end on September 26, 2014 at 3:00pm.


The nominations have to be handed in on a set form that has to be signed personally by the candidate. The form can be found at the Cor-house or on ASK’s website

The election committee has authorized the chairperson of the election committee, dan.gustafsson(a), The Chairperson of the Board, jani(a), the Secretary-General, jenny(a) 050 469 7407 and the Communications- and Memebership-Secretary, maria(a) to receive nominations. In case you have any questions you are welcome to contact them. The chairperson of the election committee also answers to questions on the election. Nominations can also be handed in through ASK’s mailbox, where only those authorized have access.

Electoral alliances

Candidates can create electoral alliances with each other or in the name of a registered association within the set time for nominations. Electoral alliances can consist of up to fifteen (15) candidates. If a candidate joins an alliance this information has to be on the personal nomination form. All associations have to announce alliances created in their name on a set form with a list of all candidates personally signed by all candidates. If the alliance is created in the name of an association a power of attorney to this effect has to be attached to the form. The form can be found at the Cor-house or on ASK’s website

Electoral circles

Two or more electoral alliances can create an electoral circle; this has to be done within the nomination period. Electoral circles can consist of up to fifteen (15) candidates. These circles are created by the electoral alliances’ representatives on a separate form, powers of attorney from each alliance signed by all candidates within the alliance needs to be handed in with the form. The form can be found at the Cor-house or on ASK’s website

List of voters

The list of voters consists of all ASK-members. The list consists of members who have paid their membership fee no later than September 24, 2014, 11:59pm. The list of voters is approved by the electoral committee on September 26,2014, and it will be published on September 27, 2014. Members have a week to ask for corrections to the list of voters. To check the list of voters please contact ASKs office.


Helsinki, May 30, 2014

The election committee


“Design a badge” winners!


Here are the winners of the ”Design a badge” competition! A big thank you to everyone who participated and voted! Due to so many people participating in the voting, 5 people were drawn and will all recive a set of winning badges. All the winners have been contacted by e-mail. The new badges will be coming for sale at ASKs office during the fall, don’t miss the chance to buy your favorite badge!