Tutor info 2015


Want to meet loads of new, nice people, learn a lot about teamwork, experience great team spirit and make friends for life? Is your answer yes? Then you want to become a tutor!

Tutors are a group of students selected to ease the introduction of the academic year especially for freshmen. Tutors help out with finding the way in Arcada, studies as well as student life in general. During the beginning of the academic year the Tutors arrange a variety of events to help out with the familiarizing process between freshmen.

Tutors are also responsible for marketing Arcada on trade shows and traveling to schools sharing about studying in Arcada.


The application can be filled in at the Cor-house, until February 27th 2015 at 4 PM. You can also print out the application online here.

For more information, contact patricia@asken.fi

ASK info 2015/01



ASK is selling tickets to Teknologföreningens Valentinsits Afterparty 14.2 at 11 PM.  You can buy your ticket from ASK’s office Monday-Friday at 10AM-12PM & 1PM-4PM.

Come and enjoy a warm cup of cocoa, warm up in the sauna or chill with your friends! The sauna is warm starting 2 pm and ASK’s new Board will offer hot cocoa starting 4 pm. Welcome!

Don’t forget to vote for your favourite patch and you will have a chance to will a series of the winning patches! You can vote on asken.fi/halarmarke

ASK’s BOARD 2015
ASK’s board of 2015 is still looking for active students to fill out the posts for  Sports and International affairs. If you are interested in working with a super team this year or have any questions please contact the Chairperson of the Board Ida Julin at ida(a)asken.fi.

ASK is still looking for a student representative to the quality council for the Deparment of Enery and Materials Technology.  If you are interested in an opportunity to get close to the decisions made about your and your fellow students’ education and want to learn something new please contact the Chairperson of the Board, Ida Julin on ida(a)asken.fi no later than February 15, 2015.

ASK’s board 2015

ASK’s board 2015 is elected by the Delegate meeting January 8 2015.

Chairperson of the Board: Ida Julin
050 469 7406

Board Members:
Patricia Grimm
Frida Johansson
Jenna Kortelainen
Markus Sjöholm

Board members’ responsibilities are decided during the Board’s inaugural meeting.

Congratulations to the new Board!

Election results 2014

ASK Delegate 2015 was elected yesterday, the results can be found here. ASK congratulates all the elected representatives!

Delegate elections 2014

Electronic preliminary elections 24-30.11.2014

General elections 9-11.12.2014 at 10am-2pm
Voting location: Outside the library at Arcada


What? – The Delegate makes the decisions about what ASK does and when. This is your chance to vote for your candidate! All ASK members can stand for election and vote!

When? – The elections are held December 9-11, 2014. Preliminary elections electronically on November 24-30, 2014. You will get a link and possible instructions to the elections to your Arcada e-mail!

Why? – For ASK to truly represent the students who study in Arcada it needs to be lead by students. That is why we need you!

The Electoral Committee also set the candidate numbers as follows:
11. Westergård Sebastian, HoSK
12. Bergman Samantha, HoSK
13. Häggman Johanna, HoSK
14. Granlund Oliver, TLK
15. Selin Henri, TLK
16. Nix Paul, TLK
17. Lytz Oscar, TLK
18. Gripenwaldt Antonia, TLK
19. Pundars Sebastian, TLK
20. Huhtela Ella, TLK
21. Huhtela Stina, TLK
22. Vierinen Jenna, LSK
23.Räisänen Jani, LSK
24. Julin Ida, Commedia
25. Poppius Nino, Commedia
26. Nurminen Teea, independent
27. Kirilova Stefani, independent
28. Spennert Winston, independent