Paid internship: Join us and make the best SportAppro there has ever been!

Do you want to create a completely new kind of student culture? Are you are an organizer who knows they can perform well under pressure? Are you the king/queen of social media? And most of all, are you interested in joining us to organize the most amazing health and wellness event for students?

If you answered yes to these question you might be the person we are looking for. Zone- UAS sports organisation and the Helsinki Metropolitan area universities of applied sciences student unions are searching for two interns for the production team of the first metropolitan area SportAppro that will be held on the 4th of May. The event will be held in Helsinki, Arabia area at the campuses of Arcada, Diak and Metropolia and their surroundings.

What we are searching for:
● One intern to be an event coordinator and be in charge of developing/producing the contents of the event and other practical arrangements. But don´t worry, you won´t be doing it alone! The organizing and planning of the event has already been started – you just need to finish the work in an organized manner under the supervision of the project team and appro managers.The event coordinator internship is full-time job and it takes place on 29.3.-9.5. With the intern salary of 1200 € per month, the final salary amount will be 1431 € for the intern period.
● One intern to be our social media and marketing guru, who will together with the student unions spread information about the event to students in the metropolitan area. You will be in charge of executing the communication following the marketing plan and also recruiting the volunteers for the event and coordinating them under the supervision of the project team and the appro managers. The social media and marketing guru internship has been planned like the following: During the time of 13.-31.3 you will work within 80% work hours (fridays off) and 1.4-9.5 within 100% work hours. With the intern salary of 1200 € per month, the final salary amount will be 2169 € for the intern period.

We value good organizational and pressure resistance skills and experience in organizing events. Experience in making marketing materials (e.g. Photoshop, Canva, etc.) is extremely useful. Self-initiative and familiarity with student culture and apprentices, as well as experience with student associations are considered useful. You are are the intern we are looking for if your Finnish and English language skills are good. Also knowing Swedish is seen as an advantage.

The student union sports representatives work as your bosses / contact persons, so the working atmosphere is very relaxed. You can work flexibly at many different campuses in the metropolitan are and, if necessary, you can also work remotely.

Send a short application and your CV to by 28.2.2019. In the application you should tell which internship you are applying for (you can also apply for both). We will call you to an interview already during the application period – so act fast!

Appro manager: Pinja Hyttinen, event coordinator l (, tel. 040 54 64 844)
Appro manager: Alina Martikka, marketing coordinator (, tel. 040 51 82 936)

TUO and JAMKO joins our membership register

Arcada Student Union – ASK started during 2018 using a shared membership register with the other Student Unions from the Metropolitan area, HUMAKO, Helga, Laureamko, Metka and O’Diako. Now we are also happy to announce that the Student Union TUO and the Student Union JAMKO will join the cooperation and the membership register. TUO is the Student Union of Turku University of Applied Sciences and JAMKO the Student Union of JAMK University of Applied Sciences.

The purpose of the shared membership register is the improvement of the services of the Student Union and meeting the demands of the General Data Protection Regulation of the EU. ASK members can also do business at the offices of the Student Unions mentioned above and get the same service as from their own Student Union.

In the shared membership register, the data of the members can be seen by all student unions mentioned above as this is required for the joint service. In the future, the service can also be given in Turko at office of TUO and Jyväskylä at the office of JAMKO. Special attention will be paid to the privacy of the members: The users of the systems are trained for their tasks and they have signed an agreement of data privacy. Furthermore, the wider personal data of the members can only be seen by a restricted amount of users that mainly consist of the staff of the student unions. The data will not be given to any other parties than the mentioned Student Unions. The member information will be removed automatically 13 months after the latest membership has expired.

You have the right to forbid processing your data in the membership register. In that case, your membership will end and your digital student card the Slice will stop to operate. The plastic student card can be used until the validity of the sticker has expired, but new stickers will not be given if the member information is not in the membership register. If you want to forbid processing your data in the membership register, contact the e-mail address below.

Additional information:
Sebastian Oey

Our online store is now

Our partner and the service provider of our online store has changed their name and concept to The service has been updated, but tickets, events, products and memberships can still be found as easily as before under the new brand. Old Bailataan accounts are valid and you’re able to log in with them. Tickets, products and memberships bought before are still in their old spots.

Teacher of the year 2018


Teacher of the year 2018 is Maria Bäck!

“We want to nominate Maria Bäck because she is always there for us cultural producer students. Maria keeps excellent track on both the classroom and the field, and she is also personal, human and understanding. She shows interest and is always there when we need her.”

“Maria is an extremely objective and pedagogical lecturer who you at the same time can approach with an open mind. She knows when as a lecturer you can be a friend and when to be an educator. In addition, she is understanding on a personal level.”

“She is super motivating and takes the needs of others into consideration. In addition, Maria is always available and tries to ease both school life and personal life as much as she can, she has an understanding of almost everything. Really a wonderful person I think would deserve this.”


Our members can start using Slice in January

We reported in October that the our student card changes from Frank to mobile student card Slice on 1.1.2019. It will be worth paying attention to the changing of the student card when you renew your membership in January.

The Slice app is loaded into a mobile phone and so the student card always stays handily with you. With the Slice student card you can use the student discounts of the National Railway Company of Finland, Matkahuolto and in campus restaurants for the student priced food.

In addition to the student card, a whole group of student discounts and benefits are found in Slice to the members of ASK. The benefits are constant discounts and restricted advantages that can be used only once. For example Anton&Anton offers -10 % on all products and as a restricted benefit they give two soup lunches in the price of one for every member.

You can identify the Slice’s member companies handily from the blue stickers which there are usually in the connection of the cash desks or doors. They serve as marks of the companies that give student discounts. Always ask student benefits when seeing the sticker because the companies have committed themselves to offer different student discounts. The more the discounts are asked and used the more the companies see the importance of student discounts.

You can use Slice easily. When you have renewed your membership in the web shop, you can order your password to Slice with e-form. After filling the form you’ll get your password via e-mail. Use it when you are registering to the app. Remember to accept the conditions asked by the application and to give the licences which are needed for the operation of the student card.

Secure quick access to Slice by updating your member information. You are able to update your member information through the web shop. Log in and click the pen icon after your membership. Check especially that the e-mail addresses, the date of birth and your student number are up-to-date because Slice uses them as a reference to find your info in member register.

The new student card was chosen because we want to offer benefits which are better and more local than before and more versatile services. Slice developes the app together with ASK’s partner student unions HUMAKO, Helga, Laureamko, O’Diako and TUO.

through collaboration we can affect better than before what kind of student card is used by our members. Please note that our partnership with Slice has just begun. Different discounts and properties will be updated to the app during the spring. Participate in the developing Slice and leave to us a tip about the discounts you would like to get with your membership! You can leave the tip with this form.