ASK Board & Delegate presidium 2019

Arcada Student Union – ASK Delegate 2019 held a Constitutive meeting on 3.12.2018.

Tove Salminen (HoSK) was elected Chairperson of the Delegate 2019.
First vice chairperson is Patrick Koski (HoSK) and second vice chairperson is Oscar Mansén (TLK).
The whole of ASK Delegate 2019 can be found here.

Darya Pysarenko was elected Chairperson of the Board 2019.
Other members of the Board 2019 are
Joriz Baluyot
Alexandra Bjondahl
Ida Flemmich
Rosemarie Hartman
Kim Helsing
Nea Salvén
Sampo Sorvisto

The board will hold its Constitutive meeting and divide responsibilities within the Board in December 2018.

More information
Tove Salminen, Chairperson of the Delegate 2019, salminto(a)
Darya Pysarenko, Chairperson of the Board 2019, pysarend(a)
Daniel Tallberg, Chairperson of the Board 2018, daniel(a), 050 469 7406




Teacher of the year 2018


Do you know a teacher you would like to thank for a job well done? Do you know a teacher who always goes the extra mile to see and hear their students?

Arcada Student Union – ASK annually chooses the Teacher of the Year, and every student in Arcada can nominate their favourite! Nominations can be done by separate students or student groups.

Nominations can be handed in until 9.12.2018. Nominations with no motivations will not be regarded!

Apply for ASK’s Board of 2019

Are you interested in being in the Board of ASK 2018? Fill out the form here before 25.11 and you will be contacted by the Board negotiator! 🙂 If you have any questions feel free to contact the Board negotiator Daniel at daniel(a)


Results in the Delegate Election 2018

The Election committee has on 7.11.2018 announced the results from the Delegate election 2018 and you can see who have been elected here. A big thank you to everyone who voted and congratulations to who got elected!

This year we had again had a very high voting percentage with 30.39% of all ASK members who voted!

“I thank all those who were up for election and everyone who voted. In Arcada there are many active students and I am very pleased that so many are engaged in school politics. The election participation did not really achieve what we hoped for, but ASK has a great delegate for the year 2019.” commented the chairperson of the Election committee Andreas Lohse.

The new digital student card

Arcada Student Union – ASK has terminated its contract with Oy Frank Students Ab, the contract will end on 31.12.2018.

However, the Frank App will continue to act as the ASK’s official student ID until the end of 2018. We will negotiate with Frank about a possible transition period, during which students can still use Frank App, if they wish.

The reasons behind the change include the fact that co-operation hasn’t served our members in the desired way and there have been frequent errors in Frank App. Frank’s decision to start charging for using the app has also supported the decision.

Arcada Student Union – ASK is currently building a new digital student ID, that is free for members, in cooperation with Helga, HUMAKO, Laureamko, O’Diako and TUO. The new member identifier is a Slice mobile application which the FeedCowboy Oy produces. The identifier is brought into use on 1.1.2019. More information about the introduction will be provided in the near future.

“It is more than splendid that Slice now extends to the metropolitan area and to begin this significant cooperation in the beginning of the year. Slice team is enthusiastic and can’t wait to start working on this. We want to offer a genuine advantage and especially work for students,” Slice team comments.

The new identifier opens opportunities for new services and for versatile student benefits. After hard consideration on a digital student card ASK, Helga, HUMAKO, Laureamko, O’Diako and TUO ended up choosing FeedCowboy Oy as a partner.

As the important reason for the choice of the new application was possibility to offer a big selection of local student benefits near the campuses and user friendliness of the app. The change is a part of the wider development work of the digital service channel of the student unions with which we are able to respond to our members’ needs better than before.

Starting from January 2019, ordering a physical student card will no longer be possible, and the student ID will move to a digital format exclusively. ASK will continue to provide stickers for existing student cards.