Honors 2018

It’s time to nominate people for honors!

Honors are given out in gold, silver, bronze and Cor-house medal. Honors can only be handed to persons who have actively contributed to the work of ASK and advanced ASK’s objectives. Only members, graduated members, former members and members of staff in Arcada and ASK can receive these honors. External actors can be handed Pro ASK- och Pro Cor-diplomas.

To nominate someone the nomination has to be signed by five people. Nominations have to be handed in to ASK’s office, the marked mailbox outside ASK’s office (not possible 7.11) or via e-mail to Maria on maria(a)asken.fi. Nominations have to be handed in no later than November 12, 2018 at 16.00.

Honors are announced and handed out during ASK XXI Annual Ball on November 17.

ASK digital student ID is changing from the end of the year

Arcada Student Union – ASK has terminated its contract with Oy Frank Students Ab, the contract will end on 31.12.2018.

However, the Frank App will continue to act as the ASK’s official student ID until the end of 2018. We will negotiate with Frank about a possible transition period, during which students can still use Frank App, if they wish.

The reasons behind the change include the fact that co-operation hasn’t served our members in the desired way and there have been frequent errors in Frank App. Frank’s decision to start charging for using the app has also supported the decision.

The Student Union is currently building a new digital student ID, that is free for members, in cooperation with its partners. Our new student ID will be launched by 1.1.2019. Further information about this digital ID will be provided in the near future. The new student ID will provide improved member services and opportunities for further benefits.

Starting from January 2019, ordering a physical student card will no longer be possible, and the student ID will move to a digital format exclusively. ASK will continue to provide stickers for existing student cards.

This change is a part of the broader, continuing development of the Student Union’s digital service platform, which will allow us to better serve the needs of our members.

Changes to the Board

Atte Kola has resigned from the board to focus on internship and his thesis. From now on, Miku handles all things regarding events, he can be reached at mikael(a)asken.fi or at 045 663 3423.

Student, update your information!

The student unions Laureamko, METKA, Helga, O’Diako, HUMAKO and ASK have put to use a new member register together and besides that a new feature to buy the memberships through Bailataan.fi -site.

https://bailataan.fi/account is a shortcut to students user account, where the student can edit their personal information. You can also go there through bailataan.fi web page and mobile application. Using it is very easy. Log on and scroll the page down and you will find your own member information. Click the pencil next to the membership and there you can edit the information.

It is good to keep your personal information updated, so you can get information from the student union for example about your right to vote in the council of representatives election. Also our partner Frank’s App need a social security number in the member information to work. So go check out that your information is correct!

Issues with the Student Card

Due to some technical problems it takes a bit longer than 2-3 business days for the information to transfer to Frank and you can start using a Student Card. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope the problem gets solved as soon as possible! Please note that people picking up stickers to cards they already have are not affected by this!