It is possible to buy student-friendly products, such as patches and shot glasses from ASK’s office. At our online store, you can also buy tickets to most events we arrange during the academic year.

ASK patch
Ø 10 cm
Member: 2,50€
Non-member: 5,00€
Better student life patch
Ø 8 cm
Member: 2,50€
Non-member: 5,00€
I ♥ ASK patch
Ø 6 cm
Member: 2,50€
Non-member: 5,00€
Other patches
Ø 8 cm
Member: 3,00€
Non-member: 6,00€
ASK pin
Ø 2,5 cm
Member: 1,50€
Non-member: 2,00€
assorted colours
Member: 5,00€
Non-member: 7,00€
ASK Thermos mug
Member: 3,50€
Non-member: 5,00€
ASK Couleur Member: 2,50€
Only for ASK members

Print credits

Member Non-member
A4 black & white 0,10 € 0,17 €
A4 colour 0,15 € 0,26 €
A3 black & white 0,20 € 0,34 €
A3 colour 0,30 € 0,52 €

To get the member price you need to have a valid ASK membership.

You can also buy credits online through, please note that if you buy the credits through it might take 1-2 business days before the credits show up on your account.

In the online store, you will find both ASK’s and other student unions and the student associations products. It is possible to mail some of the products and the rest can be picked up from the customer service points. Please note that some products can only be picked up at certain customer service points.

As a member of ASK, you are entitled to products and events at a membership price in the following student unions: HELGA, Humako, Laureamko, METKA, O’Diako and TUO!


The student overall are the official student party uniform. Every student’s must have! It is the best way to recognize your fellow students. In fact, the overalls can be considered a factor that brings all students together. Overalls are usually worn during silliz, student parties, and other fun events. You can buy your own overall from your student association, they will also be able to respond to all questions regarding overalls.

Overall patches

The overall is then decorated with fabric patches, so-called overall patches that you get in connection with sitzes and various events you participate in. You can also buy different patches from the student union or the student associations.


If you want, you can buy a songbook from your student association which you then take with you to sitzes. You can also bring a pen so that your table mates can write a little greeting for you. But do not worry if you do not have a songbook, on most sitzes song sheets are also handed out so you can easily sing along anyway!


The Couleur is a band that shows union membership and is worn on festive occasions such as annual balls. All regular members, former members and honorary members have the right to wear the couleur.