SAMOK Teacher of the Year 2022

31 March, 2022

Do you know a teacher that uses digital tools in an exceptionally functional way in their lectures? Or has your teacher found a really good way to teach in a hybrid setting? Are there digital materials used well, also in the physical learning environment? Is there someone who is using lots of different tools in a very versatile way? Does your degree program have a teacher who deserves to be the teacher of the year?

ASK is looking for the teacher of the year with University of Applied Sciences Students in Finland, SAMOK and the rest of the UAS student unions. We are looking for propositions of competent and eager teachers from all students in universities of applied sciences in Finland.

Send your proposition through this form by 7.4. Please include the name of the teacher and justifications why you think the teacher has earned the prize. ASK will choose a maximum of three propositions and send them forward to SAMOK. A jury chosen by SAMOK will handle the propositions anonymously and make the final decision about the teacher of the year.