Starting from the fall of 2018 the ASK membership includes Zone – Sports pass (value 69€) samt Yogobe, yoga services online (value 199€)


With Sports pass you get to move around the capital city area! The sports pass has been made to support students and staff of Universities of Applied Sciences to move and be more active in day to day basics. With sports pass you have access to nine (9) different gyms, around 50 hours of instucted classes per week, discount from sports courses, free ball game and badminton reservations and discount from Rush trampoline park.

You can activate your sports pass from the closest member service point! Before doing this please visit and click on the yellow “Log In” button on the right top corner of the page and create yourself a profile!

NB! If you have had a zone sports pass or a zone gym pass before, please don’t make a new profile! New sports pass can be activated for your previous profile instead!


Together with many of the leading professionals within yoga, health and wellness Yogobe offers on-demand video streaming online. Practice on your own terms based on your individual daily needs. Yogobe lowers the threshold in managing to create a healthy and sustainable routine in your life!

You can activate Yogobe online yoga services by contacting Zone on info(at) or by emailing your student union’s customer service!

 Finnish Student Championships

Do you want to compete against other students and represent Arcada and ASK?

The Finnish Students Sports Federation (OLL) organizes the Finnish Student Championships in various sports. For more information about the championships go to OLL:s website. Information about the different events can be found here (only in Finish).