Statement: The conflict regarding Ukraine and Russia

1 April, 2022

The student unions ASK, Helga, HUMAKO, JAMKO, Lareamko, METKA, O’Diako and TUO thanks the Finnish higher education community for the measures already taken in response to the Ukraine crisis. The Finnish higher education institutions have already shown their willingness to take social responsibility when the crisis flares up.

As the war in Ukraine drags on and the situation becomes more complex, the Finnish higher education community also has a responsibility to help build a European higher education community in the midst of the crisis. In addition to condemning the war, concrete measures are needed to support students and university staff fleeing the war zone.

The student unions’ proposal for measures to be taken by higher education institutions:

  • Implementing Scholars at risk programs for students and university staff fleeing the war in various crisis zones who are not safe in their home countries.
  • For students fleeing Ukraine and possibly other crisis areas, the possibility to study free of charge in open higher education and possibly, if the crisis continues, to apply for a degree course.
  • Actively monitor the impact of the war and provide financial support to students from crisis regions, such as Ukraine and Russia, as appropriate. Compensating students for possible tuition fees, in particular for incomplete degrees.

The Russian military actions in Ukraine are rapidly progressing towards a stalemate with no direct exit route. The unification of the European higher education community will defend education and culture, which are the main tools for resolving and preventing crises and conflicts.

In collaboration with

Arcada Student Union – ASK
The Student Union of Diaconia University of Applied Sciences O’Diako
The Student Union of Haaga-Helia – Helga
Student Union of Humak University of Applied Sciences HUMAKO
Student Union of JAMK University of Applied Sciences – JAMKO
The Student Union of Laurea University of Applied Sciences Laureamko
Student Union of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences METKA
The Student Union of the Turku University of Applied Sciences – TUO