Student representatives

Student representatives are ordinary students who have been selected by the ASK delegate to represent students’ perspectives and wishes in various bodies at the university and within ASK.

Statutory working-group

The statutory working group works to develop and update ASK’s governing documents such as statutes and regulations. Decisions on amendments to statutes and regulations are made by the council and approved by the rector of the university of applied science.

Statutory working-group 2020
Chairperson: Nea Salvén
Fredrik Grønstrand
Jonnie Lassila
Sampo Sorvisto
Secretary: Generalsekreterare

Honoraries committee

Honoraries committee collects nominations and can nominate candidates for badges of merit in bronze, silver and gold, Cor-house medal and honorary degree. The Honoraries committee also collects nominations for the Georg von Wendt Scholarship by ASK and the student associations. Badges of merit are awarded annually at ASK’s annual party in November.

Honoraries committee 2020
Chairperson: Darya Karilahti
Ida Axelsson
Fredrik Grønstrand
Daniella Lassas
Kim Lindström
Oskari Ruuskanen

Election committee

The task of the Election committee is to monitor the election of the Delegate, appoint other election officials, approve candidates, electoral unions and circles, determine the list of candidates, appoint polling places, voting times and election representatives and appoint dates for a possible advance vote.

Election committee 2020
Chairperson: Ida Flemmich
Fredrik Grønstrand
Tobias Liljeström
Matias Hertzberg
Oskari Ruuskanen
Secretary: Generalsekreterare

Council of Elders

The Council of Elders is an advisory body for the student union and is appointed by the delegate. Graduates from Arcada and other people with good insight into the student union’s activities can be elected to the Council of Elders.

Council of Elders
Armi Murto (elected 2018)
Richard Sundman (elected 2018)
Elin Blomqvist (elected 2018)
Jenna Martikainen (elected 2018)
Sonja Eskman (elected 2018)
Richard Sundman (elected 2018)
Daniel Rönnqvist (elected 2018)
Jenny Thors (elected 2019)

The Board of Arcada University of Applied Sciences Ltd.

The Board of Arcada University of Applied Sciences Ltd. ensures that the university’s administration and that the activities are appropriately organized. It is responsible for ensuring that the supervision of the university’s accounting is properly arranged. The board is responsible for and supervises the university’s asset management.

Student representative 30.4.2021-30.4.2023
Frej Vuori

Board of Review

Arcada’s Board of Review deals with cases concerning reconsideration of admission decisions, decisions on loss of study rights and assessment of study performance and crediting of studies or knowledge.

Student representative 1.1.2019-31.7.2021
Niklas Forsman, deputy Jacob Dahlberg

Arcada’s Department Councils

The Department Councils at Arcada work to support and follow up the development and quality of education within the departments.

Department of Business Management and Analytics (1.4.2019-31.7.2021)
Axel Lehtinen, deputy Emilia Broman

Department of Energy and Materials Technology (1.4.2019-31.7.2021)
Emil Nysted, deputy Fredrik Grønstrand

Department of Health and Welfare (1.4.2019-31.7.2021)
Ricarada Sirén, deputy –

Department of Culture and media (1.4.2019-31.7.2021)
Isa Antas, deputy Ronja Forsström

Department of Healthcare (1.4.2019-31.7.2021)
Stella Forsius, deputy Darya Pysarenko

Arcada’s Quality Council

Arcada’s Quality Council monitors the interests of the entire UAS and the council consists of a broad group with varying insight into the UAS. The council works to develop the UAS’s quality system.

Student representatives 1.4.2019-31.7.2021
Kevin Salwathura
Ronja Forsström
Rickard Rosbäck (deputy)
Axel Lehtinen (deputy)


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