The Cor-house

The Cor-house is the place for all students, a second home or living room. Here you can find everything for student life under one roof. The house was built for students and was opened in January 2007. At the Cor-house you can find both the Student Union ASK and Student Associations, Commedia, HanSe SF and HoSK.

Here you can play pool, board games, or why not just chill with your friends. There is also plenty of space to do school work and group projects. You can also heat up some food and make yourself a cup of coffee while you are here.

At the Cor-house we have had live bands, poker nights, sitzes, movie nights, dance courses and screenings for the ice hockey World Championships and the Eurovision. The Sauna on the second floor has also been in active use.

If you have any questions about renting the Cor-house, please contact the Secretary-General on andreas(a)