The Cor-house

The Cor-house is the place for all students, a second home or living room. Here you can find everything for student life under one roof. The house was built for students and was opened in January 2007. At the Cor-house you can find both the Student Union ASK and Student Associations, Commedia, HanSe SF and HoSK.

Here you can play pool, board games, or why not just chill with your friends. There is also plenty of space to do school work and group projects. You can also heat up some food and make yourself a cup of coffee while you are here.

At the Cor-house we have had live bands, poker nights, sitzes, movie nights, dance courses and screenings for the ice hockey World Championships and the Eurovision. The Sauna on the second floor has also been in active use.

The address to the Cor-house is Toukolankatu 11, 00560 Helsinki. 

Main hall
The main hall is the area welcomes you as soon as you step into the Cor-house. In the main hall it’s possible to seat up to 60 dining guests. Next to the main hall is the salon, furnished with couches and armchairs that can fit an additional 25 guests.

The main hall is equipped with:

• Projector and projector screen
• A sound system with speakers placed around the room and towards the terrasse.
• Pool table
• Board games

The kitchen is equipped to smoothly be able to serve up to 60 persons. In combination with booking the kitchen it’s also possible to book porcelain, glasses and cutlery for servings. Further information is available upon request.

The kitchen is equipped with:

• Disinfection machine
• Stove
• Industrial oven
• Coldroom
• Freezeroom
• Microwave
• Working spaces
• Sink

Meeting room

The meeting room or the cabinet is situated on the second floor of the Cor-house and seats 16 persons comfortably.

The meeting room is equipped with:

• A projector and a projector screen

The sauna is situated on the second floor of the Cor-house and seats eight persons comfortably at a time.

The sauna is equipped with:
• Two showers
• A dressing room

Cor-house pricing for renting Price ASK member and alumni price*
Fee per hour, up to 8 hours 50 € /h 30 € /h
Fee per hour, for hours exceeding 8 hours 30 € /h 30 € /h
Sauna & cabinet 50 € /bookning 50 € /bookning
Kitchen (also includes dishes, glasses and cutlery) 50 € /bookning 50 € /bookning

The cabinet can be used free of charge by members during the opening hours of the Cor-house.

For bookings longer than one day or for repeated bookings, the rent can be negotiated separately.

*Please note that you must have a valid ASK membership or be registered in the ASK alumni register for this discount.

Cor-house booking request

Day booking
Evening booking
2 April, 2024Cor-huset öppet 10:00-16:00
3 April, 2024Cor-huset öppet 10:00-16:00, privatbokning
4 April, 2024Cor-huset öppet 10:00-16:00
5 April, 2024HoSK & HanSe temasits
6 April, 2024Privatbokning
8 April, 2024Cor chill kväll
9 April, 2024Cor-huset öppet 10:00-16:00, Commedia sykväll
10 April, 2024Cor-huset öppet 10:00-16:00, Tutor sitz
11 April, 2024Cor-huset öppet 10:00-16:00, Commedia sillisförberedelser
12 April, 2024Commedia årsfestvecka
13 April, 2024Commedia sillis
14 April, 2024Commedia städning
15 April, 2024Privat bokning
16 April, 2024Cor-huset öppet 10:00-16:00, privat bokning
17 April, 2024Cor-huset öppet 10:00-16:00, privat bokning
18 April, 2024Cor-huset öppet 10:00-16:00, privat bokning
19 April, 2024Privat bokning
22 April, 2024Commedia styrelsemöte
23 April, 2024Cor-huset öppet 10:00-16:00
24 April, 2024Cor-huset öppet 10:00-16:00
25 April, 2024Cor-huset öppet 10:00-16:00, vappen veckan
26 April, 2024Privatbokning
27 April, 2024Privatbokning
28 April, 2024Vappen veckan
29 April, 2024Vappen veckan
30 April, 2024Cor-huset öppet 10:00-16:00, vappen veckan
Please fill out the wished start and end time for the booking, please , note that the Cor House is open to students Tues-Thurs at 10:00-16:00 and that we do not generally accept bookings for that time..
Please choose the areas you wish to book. The kitchen includes utensils. *Quotation for rental of spaces is given in connection with confirmation message.
Contact person for the booking.
Please enter the email address you wish to be contacted through.
If you want to book the premises for an organization, fill in the name here.
Please note that a postal address is needed for the rental agreement even if the invoice is sent by e-mail.

You will find us at the Cor-house on the second floor behind the second door when going up the stairs at the Cor-house. At the office you can find our friendly staff who will help you with student cards, membership issues as well as copies. Here you can also find the Board of ASK and during less hectic times you are welcome to drop in and discuss more or less serious issues with us.



Please contact the Secretary-General Andreas if you have any questions about the Cor-house on