The Delegate

ASK’s Delegate is the highest decision making body in ASK.

The Delegate consists of 15 delegates and a maximum of 15 deputies with a mandate of a full calendar year. Only regular members of ASK can be elected into the Delegate or vote in the Delegate elections.

Some of the Delegate’s duties are to elect the Board of ASK, supervise the work done in ASK and that the goals of ASK are fulfilled. The Delegate is also responsible for securing ASK’s financial interests. Decisions with great financial effect on ASK are always taken by the Delegate. The Delegate also nominates the student representatives for the Board of Arcada and other collegial bodies referred to in the Polytechnics Act 351/2003 12§ 2mov. point 4.

Please note that the Delegate’s working language is Swedish.

Delegate Name Election Alliance
Chairperson Kim Lindström HoSK
I vice chairperson Patrick Koski Commedia rf
II vice chairperson Sandra Mäki-Rautila Commedia rf.
1 Elias Kackur Kult rf
2 Amanda Samelin Kult rf.
5 Frida Silvander Handel och Service studerandeförening
6 Veronica Wahlstedt Handel och Service studerandeförening
7 Miikka Liimatainen Handel och Service studerandeförening
8 Emil Nystedt Tekniska läroverkets kamratförbund r.f.
9 Fredrik Grønstrand Tekniska läroverkets kamratförbund r.f.
10 Naomi Teir HoSK
11 Oskari Ruuskanen HoSK
12 Senja Haapalainen HoSK
14 Ellen Bergeron Obunden
15 Job Gitahi Obunden
Picture Delegate Name Election Alliance
Chairperson Isa Antas Commedia rf.
I vice chairperson Darya Karilahti HoSK r.f.
II vice chairperson Atte Kola Commedia rf.
2 Tobias Liljeström Hosk r.f.
3 Alexandra Lang Hosk r.f.
4 Anna Hasselblatt Hosk r.f.
7 Fredrik Grønstrand Tekniska Läroverkets Kamratförbund r.f.
8 Emil Nystedt Tekniska Läroverkets Kamratförbund r.f.
9 Joriz Balyout HanSe SF rf
10 Kim Tsokkinen HanSe SF rf
11 Elin Forsström HanSe SF rf
12 Emilia Broman HanSe SF rf
13 Nico Villanen Obunden
14 Ellen Karlsson Obunden
15 Veronika Svenskberg Obunden

Please contact the Secretary-General Andreas if you have any questions about the Delegate on