The Student Union

Arcada Student Union – ASK works for the interests of all Arcada students. ASK was founded in 1997, then as a registered association, ASKen r.f. Since August 2005 the student unions in the Universities of Applied Sciences have had a official position and a legislated duty to promote student’s interests.

ASK has over 1000 members  and supervise all Arcada students interest through representing students in decicionmaking bodies in Arcada, as well as though actively participating in the activities of SAMOK. Through SAMOK ASK is a member of OLL. ASK is also a member of SSI that gives out Studentbladet, the oldes student paper in the Nordics.

ASK is located in the Cor-house, which is the students’ own house. On the second floor you can find ASK’s office, here you can pick up your student card or renew your old. Here you can also find our Board and staff if you feel like dropping by and say hello.

Except for ASK you can also find four out of the five Student Associations at the Cor-house, Commedia, HanSe SF, HoSK and Kult. The last but not least association, TLK, is found about 100 meters from the Cor-house at the Corner. The Student Associations are registered associations that collaborate with ASK to make students everyday life in Arcada as pleasant as possible. Where ASK focuses on the political side of student life the Student Associations have specialized in the more informal activities such as organizing sitzes, trips, cabin weekends and other events.