Tutors are a group of students selected to ease the introduction of the academic year especially for freshmen. Tutors help out with finding the way in Arcada, studies as well as student life in general. During the beginning of the academic year the tutors arrange a variety of events to help out with the familiarizing process between freshmen. As a tutor you get the chance to meet students from all the different programs in Arcada and students who come from all over the world.

Tutors are also responsible for marketing Arcada on trade shows and traveling to schools sharing about studying in Arcada. Arcada marketing requires a separate education that is offered to all tutors regardless of responsibility.

As a tutor you will also be divided into a area of responsibility, there are four different areas of responsibility.

Gulis sitz planning
Responsible for planning and arranging Gulis Sitzes in the fall. All tutors regardless of responsibility can help out during the events.

Gulis initiation planning
Responsible for planning and arranging Gulis initiation in the fall. All tutors regardless of responsibility are helping out during the event.

ASK marketing
Responsible for marketing ASK, helping with sponsorship, is responsible for ticket sales to events as well as assisting at various events. If you are a person who likes to do a lot of practicality, this is something for you!

International tutor
Responsible for maintaining contact with the exchange students and help them out when they arrive in Finland as well as helping them find their way around everyday activities.

For more information, please contact tove@asken.fi before 31.12.2018, after that please contact the new person in charge of tutoring (will be announced later)

Apply for tutor 2019-2020 now!

Last day to apply is 27.1.2019.